As anyone who’s worked to lose weight knows, there’s no one-tactic-always-works silver bullet, despite what some product manufacturers, diet developers and celeb fitness trainers might say. Weight loss requires putting together a personalized approach to food and fitness. That said, there are many times when structure can help.

For example, following a certain kind of diet might be useful if it changes a junk food habit, or a specific exercise program can get you on track toward implementing more activity into your schedule.

There are tons of nutrition plans and fitness efforts that boast about weight-loss effects, but we’ve collected some of the most popular and asked experts whether these approaches are still worth considering — or forgetting.

Verdict: Forget

Particularly after holidays spent feasting and indulging, a “detox” may sound tempting, and detox diets have definitely been the rage in 2017. But they’re likely to sputter in the year ahead, believes fitness and nutrition expert Dan DeFigio, author of “Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies.

“A typical detox diet or cleanse assumes you’ll wake up on your ‘start day’ and completely change your habits all at once,” he says. “But humans are creatures of habit. Your behavior is not designed for drastic, immediate changes.”

Also, many experts have noted that the body already has a “detox” system and it’s called the liver and kidneys. Gradually transitioning to healthier foods like more vegetables can improve your own natural detox process.