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Arthritis isn’t always from the wear and tear of getting older — younger adults too often get it after suffering knee or ankle injuries. Now researchers are hunting a way to stave off the damage, by targeting the little energy factories that power cartilage cells.

University of Iowa scientists used pigs to mimic […]



Five years ago, I still lived a double life.

I was 35, looking out over the Gulf […]


The cause of rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic autoimmune disease, is unknown. But certain genes and environmental factors, such as smoking, are linked to the disease process. Now Mayo Clinic research suggests a new link: the composition of gut microbes.

Veena Taneja, Ph.D., an immunologist at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine, recently demonstrated a relationship […]


The knee is a complex joint.  It is made up by the articulation between the tibia and the femur (leg and tightbones) and the patella (knee cap).

Patellofemoral joint pain (anterior knee pain) can have many causes.  The two most common are:

Abnormalities of the patellar movement or tracking with knee bending.  Pain is increased […]