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Balance Problems

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Balance problems are conditions that make you feel unsteady or dizzy. If you are standing, sitting or lying down, you might feel as if you are moving, spinning or floating. If you are walking, you might suddenly feel as if you are tipping over or generally unsteady.

Many body systems — including your muscles, bones, […]










We’ve all heard about the elusive runner’s high. Runners like running, and they even feel good doing it! Experienced runners get a sense of elation that hits after a couple miles. Reportedly, it’s so good that you feel like you could keep going for another five […]


DEFINITION:         The T.M.J. joints are the left and right JAW joints. They are the joints formed by the temporal bones of the skull, and the lower jaw (MANDIBLE). In the joint is a DISC, made up primarily from cartilage material. The disk helps cushion the forces that go through this joint. There are strong ligaments […]


Want to step it up a notch? Start with this walking schedule and keep building as you get more fit.

Walking is a gentle, low-impact cardio exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health. It’s safe and simple. And regular brisk walking can provide many of the benefits of more […]


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What’s the difference between a standard total shoulder replacement and a reverse total shoulder replacement?
First, let’s review the anatomy of the shoulder. Similar to the hip joint, the shoulder is a large ball and socket joint. It is made up of bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments, which hold […]


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder of the hand caused by pressure on your median nerve as it runs through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. Symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, and pain (particularly at night). Anything that causes swelling inside the wrist can cause carpal tunnel […]


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Cycling is an activity that requires the body to maintain a position of prolonged back flexion, placing greater demands on the neck. As a result, neck pain is one of the most common complaints experienced by cyclists.

Does this sound familiar? You are only […]



Leg stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front. Keeping your foot to the floor, slowly bend one knee until you feel it being comfortably stretched. Hold for 5 seconds. Straighten your leg as far as you can and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times with each leg.

Leg cross

Sit on […]


Sports like rugby, soccer, hockey, gymnastics and track & field ect. are awesome, but they can be a minefield for injuries.

Some people get hurt because they are not in shape or haven’t warmed up or stretched enough. A thump on the head from a great big body, a collision with a […]