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Thanks to a growing well of impressive research, Nordic walking is increasingly getting a thumbs up from both the health care professionals and media.


A hybrid of walking and cross country-skiing, Nordic walking is a fluid movement experience that uses […]


Fall is here and Canadians are getting ready to bundle up in their cozy sweaters, drink pumpkin spice everything and admire the changing leaves. It might be tempting to start hibernating indoors now that there’s less daylight and the weather is cooler, but fall is a great time to get outdoors and be active.



Wearing walking shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet can help prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses. A walking shoe should also be fairly lightweight and provide good shock absorption. But not all walking shoes are created equal. Find the fit and features that are right for you.

Look For Helpful Features

How […]


Learn how breast size can affect a woman’s risk of upper back pain and what you can do about it.

The upper part of the spine is very strong, acting as an anchor to the rib cage and supporting the upper body, but it can also be prone to upper back pain. As with lower […]


How to Tell If You’re Overtraining or Just Sore

You’ve likely heard the saying, “no pain, no gain.” If you’ve gotten the impression that some soreness while working out is normal, you would be correct. But it can be a fine line between when that soreness becomes classified as pain. Walking this line correctly is […]


Want to step it up a notch? Start with this walking schedule and keep building as you get more fit.

Walking is a gentle, low-impact cardio exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health. It’s safe and simple. And regular brisk walking can provide many of the benefits of more […]